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The Key to Success lies in Managing , Operating and Smart Distribution of Internet Bandwidth among users & it's Monetization.

Public Wi-Fi deployments , Enterprise applications , Municipality units , Government departments , Schools & Colleges , Healthcare Providers , Transportation including street lights , CCTV cameras for Surveillance and more in SMART CITY requires Internet Connectivity .

From monetization perspective, flexible charging schemes are required in order to bring the Smart City connectivity at a fair price to each stakeholder. For example: introducing various subscription packages that differs in the speed, capacity, price and market segment such as subsidized packages for specific neighbourhood or subscribers. The monetization platform is also required to manage multiple types of charging models like split billing, subscription, usage based billing and cost allocation with various entities: government agencies, municipality departments and residential households. It also requires the administrators to generate additional revenue streams by using innovative methods.

Our Solutions

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IconWave with its Integrated Service Delivery Platform caters to the varied needs of SMART CITY to plan and manage the internet connectivity across different user segments. It provides a highly scalable and secure cloud based platform which can easily integrate with any Network System and Technology .

Wi-Fi Customer
Ads & Monetization
User Analytics
Network Monitoring
Cloud Deployment

Key Features

    3600 Customer View

Built in customer care module for handling all of the interactions with all users types: registration, trouble ticketing, automated debt collection procedures and more.


Provisioning the Termination Point's (TP) service activation and deactivation to the Smart City Wi-Fi & Fiber network users (i.e. in case of non-payments)

    Automated Order Fulfilment

Customizable order management and a set of interfaces for orchestrating the fulfilment parties, e.g. work force management.


Built in real-time mediation for capturing the actual traffic consumption per TP for billing purposes and usage statistical analysis.

   Billing & Rating Engine

Configurable product offerings interface with flexible rating schemes for Broadband and other add-on services.

    Business Analytics

Advanced analytical reports for better operational visibility, management and future planning.

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