End-to-end IT & CCTV solution to manage and monetize Business system


ILL (Internet Lease Line) : A (Last Mile) Network that Truly Delivers

ILL / Bandwidth

In today world, due to increased need of global communication and use of various technologies, Internet has become most outstanding and crucial part of communication infrastructure, all businesses whether or not a large company, an emerging business, a start-up or a government organization, require the fast, reliable and secure Internet access that may offer its staff, partners, customers the flexibility to control seamlessly in a world where information sharing is a critical application. The business leased line can increase the efficiency of your business operations.


The CRM module is a bundle of features which helps Service Provider organise their customer information
in an efficient way and access it across departments and resellers in a secure way.

Billing Management

Our Radius- Billing Management Module supports Convergent Billing which can generate Invoices for services like
Broadband, IP TV, Digital TV, Voice Telephony and any other VAS Services.

Complaint Management

Our Complaints Management module improves operational efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction. It enables to
quickly and accurately respond to customer service requests and complaints.


Our advanced capabilities saves your sales team time by removing the manual processes and automating the workflow , thereby allowing them to focus on the core objective which is SALES.


Iconradius provides mobility to different teams and customers through Mobile Apps which is provided on
Android & iOS platforms.

Business Analytics & Reports Builder

This module of IconRadius enables Service Providers with actionable reports and dashboards using which decision makers within the organisation can track key business metrics, see longtime trends and view business health across departments

Inventory Management

Inventory Management module is the focal point of our application which helps Service Providers facilitate or re-ordering, manage stocks effectively according to demand and prevents wastage. Complete tracking from acquisition of goods and deployment can be achieved using this system.


IconRadius platform can be seamlessly integrated with any 3rd Party Solution for Convergent Billing.

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